Quick Guide on Car Insurance in UK

June 22, 2021 Car Services

What is Car Insurance?

Vehicle insurance is insurance for different types of vehicles like cars trucks etc. It is a form/contract
which is a policy through which the person gets financial security and a given amount of money back.
However, the terms and conditions are specific to the type of vehicle and many other factors.

Is Car Insurance important in UK?

Yes, actually car insurance is compulsory and a legal demand that all vehicles should’ve insurance. So
this means that if you’re driving a car in the UK, it needs to have insurance policy checked. The least sort
of insurance that Is required is third party insurance.

The only way you don’t have to get insurance is if either you’re not using the car or if your car is off the
road. Now what exactly does this mean? This means that your car should not be on public road for eg. If
its in your garage, or a private land etc. Thus, means you have SORN (Statutory off-Road notice),
through this you’re allowed to stop taxing and insuring it.

Benefits of Car Insurance

If your car is damaged due to accidents, fire etc or even theft then your insurance covers it.

It offers personal accident cover for an already decided amount.

Large number of garages all over the UK including Edinburgh Car Services.

No claim bonus is involved.

How to Calculate the cost of Car Insurance?

Now this depends on many different factors like:

  1. Age
  2. Occupation
  3. Postcode
  4. Car security
  5. Annual mileage
  6. Driving record
  7. Type of car used.
  8. Risk

All these factors combined determine the total cost of insurance for eg. Higher the risk, more the price of
insurance, same for different postcodes there are different insurance costs.

The type of car you drive plays a very big role in the cost of your insurance. Actually in the UK there are
a total of 50 car insurance groups and different groups have different premiums. The higher the group
the higher the premium. The car grouping also depends on different things like how expensive the car is
etc. Also, different insurance companies have different grouping systems.


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