Things we professionals do when we’re giving your car a service.

Having talked about the basic checks that you can perform on your vehicle yourself in my last blog, I wanted to tell you all a bit more about the things we professionals do when we’re giving your car a service.
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Keeping a car regularly serviced is the key

Our team at EDINBURGH CAR SERVICES is always happy to help with any problems, but as experienced mechanics and motoring enthusiasts ourselves we’d really rather see cars that are in great condition.
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Poor old diesel drivers – their cars have got very complicated in recent years.

First there was a move towards sophistication and performance that matched that of their petrol counterparts. That persuaded many British motorists to go diesel. These new diesel drivers enjoyed consumption figures they had previously only dreamt of, at a time when fuel prices were rocketing.

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Welcome to Edinburgh Car Services new website

Edinburgh garage for MOT's

Welcome to the new website and blog for Edinburgh Car Service. This is where we will be giving you the latest industry news and other information. So keep checking back.