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Automatic Transmission Cleaner

Automatic Transmission cleaner and fluid replacement service in Edinburgh

  • Detergent based cleaning cycle
  • Standard adapter set plus optional set cover most vehicles
  • Connects to most transmission units, including double clutch & CVT types

The Process

The new machine allows connection to most automotive transmission units, including double clutch and CVT types, and is capable of completing a flush and fluid exchange in 20 minutes for the transmission, torque converter and radiator.

The CAT-501S uses load cell weighing technology and software to provide accurate results and a near 100 per cent fluid exchange.

Once complete, technicians are provided with a printout, and the new synthetic fluid restores lubricating and friction coefficients back to their original specifications.

The characteristics of the transmission fluid being used in an automatic gearbox deteriorate after a certain period of time. Not changing it on time causes a function change of the transmission fluid and affects the transmission characteristics in a negative way. Due to constructional issues it is not always possible to drain the complete fluid quantity during a simple automatic transmission oil change. This device enables you to exchange nearly 100 % of the oil in the cycle. Both excessive and insufficient fills cause gearbox damage. The automatic ATF changer cleans and changes the fluid in the gearbox, torque converter and radiator within 20 minutes. The display, the compact design and the automatic intelligent switch for fluid flow direction ensure an easy operation.

Need a fast, effective, efficient and easy way to change automatic transmission fluid?

A standard automatic transmission drain and re-fill will only change about 50% of the contaminated fluid. Profession mechanics at ECS will change about 90% of the contaminated fluid in around 20 minutes using the exchanger which flushes transmission automatically and fill machine which flushes the oil system of automatic gearboxes and which changes the ATF in a simple and effective way.

  • Smoothens gear changes and improves kick-down response time.
  • Extends life of the transmission fluid by preventing ageing and oxidation.
  • Stops and prevents leaks by revitalising seals and O-rings.

ECS Recommends automatic transmission cleaner and flush exchanger:

  • Recommended when changing ATF of automatic gearboxes or when experiencing shifting problems, fluctuating RPM or not retaining the correct gear.
  • For all types of cars with automatic transmission but not to be used on high-pressure systems of buses, trucks, etc.
  • Both operations may be carried out simultaneously, during the power steering service even without mounting on the vehicle.

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