DPF Cleaning

DPF Cleaning

How does a DPF work?

As you drive, harmful exhaust soot starts to build up on the walls of your DPF filter, reducing performance and fuel efficiency. To keep the system clean, a process called ‘regeneration’ is used. This is when the exhaust temperature rises to 600°C and burns off the soot, keeping your engine free of harmful chemicals.
There are many factors that can stop this regeneration process from working effectively, such as the type of fuel and oil used, driving style and vehicle age and mileage.


Do I need DPF cleaning?

If you’re experiencing the following symptoms your DPF may need cleaning:

  • The DPF warning symbol has appeared on your car’s dashboard
  • Loss of power
  • The automatic stop-start system isn’t working
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Cooling fans run more than normal

A new DPF system can cost as much as £3,000 at a main dealer, but in most cases, using a DPF cleaning product can rectify the problem. So, if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s important to get it checked out by a qualified technician as soon as possible to avoid costly bills.

Car Performance Upgrades

Cleaning of DPFs system starts from £199 Inc Vat.

Prices may vary due to circumstances and conditions that Diesel particulate filters are put through and on many occasions the DPF is only a symptom of other problems within the vehicles engine management systems. At Edinburgh Car Services we are able to diagnose many fault’s on all makes and model’s of vehicles including full main dealer support for Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, BMW, Land Rover, Renault, Citreon/Peugeot and many More while enhancing your car performance upgrades.



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