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4 wheel alignment Edinburgh

Incredibly, many motorists are still not aware of the crucial importance of wheel alignment, or see it as an inconvenient cost that can be skipped or postponed. Nothing could be further from the truth, and failure to ensure correct wheel alignment is just about the biggest false economy you can make where your vehicle is concerned.

Over time, your wheel alignment will probably deteriorate, especially given the state of roads nowadays. And if not corrected, it will cause a variety of other issues on your car or van.

Wheel alignment is making sure that all four wheels on your used cars are as the manufacturer intended – parallel to each other and at perfect right angles to the road. If they are not, safety and performance will be compromised. You may notice this because the vehicle pulls to one side when it’s supposed to be driving straight, or in a bad case your steering wheel may vibrate at high speeds. But it’s best to get things checked before it comes to that, as even slight alignment issues will be costing you money in terms of fuel and faster, uneven tyre wear.

If you don’t get bad wheel alignment corrected, your car will be having to work harder for every mile, not only burning more fuel but also putting greater strain on all components, including brakes, suspension and the engine.

Fortunately, correcting wheel alignment is a simple procedure. At EDINBURGH CAR SERVICES we can check your vehicle’s geometry and correct it back to the manufacturer’s specification using our 4 wheel alignment tracking gauges. We will also check for any worn suspension and steering components prior to carrying out these adjustments.

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All car work is carried out by experienced fully qualified and insured technicians. Most car parts carry a minimum guarantee of 12 months or 12,000 miles (excludes normal wear and tear). Getting your Car repaired at ECS is simple, book an online appointment, confirm your services, and get your car done.

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