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Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection

ECSceramic coating & paint protection treatment for cars offers an unrivaled depth of gloss and stunning looks as well as superior paint protection to all painted surfaces of your vehicle. ECS provides the best ceramic coating services in Edinburgh. Superb water repellent abilities and durability will last up to 5 years, depending on aftercare. With having ceramic coating paint protection added to your car’s paintwork, there will be no need to polish or wax your vehicle; the ceramic coating will provide that just waxed glossy look and paint protection for many years even after washing and drying your car.

ECS Detailing offers the best ceramic coating & paint protection for your car, providing a protective coating between the elements and your vehicle’s paintwork. The paint will retain its color, and contaminants will be blocked out to keep the paint smooth and clean. Unlike waxes and other paint sealants that require frequent reapplication, ECS ceramic coating treatments provide constant, unyielding protection for your vehicle’s finish!

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The ceramic coating packages are designed to provide your vehicle with durable paint protection to protect it from the elements. Below you will find the ceramic coating packages ECS Detailing provide. Each paint protection package will give your car an unrivalled depth of gloss and stunning looks compared to a standard paintwork finish.

ECS Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection Package for New Vehicles comprises of the following:

  • Wheels are thoroughly cleaned, removing brake dust and any tar spots
  • Entire vehicle exterior pre-washed to remove soiling before contact wash
  • Vehicle washed with high-quality car shampoo
  • Tar spots removed from paintwork
  • Complete vehicle clay barred to remove bonded contamination, creating a super smooth paintwork surface
  • Vehicle air dried to remove trapped water
  • Vehicle polished

New Car Paint Protection Cost

Paint Correction Level:

  • Stage 1 – Price starting from: £450
  • Stage 2 – Price starting from: £550
  • Stage 3  – Price starting from: £650
  • Full Correction Price on Request

**2-3 Years Protection for Ceramic Coating available on request**

Each Exterior Detail also consists of the following steps

  • Snow Foam Pre Rinse to remove loose dirt
  • Body and Wheels washed (two bucket paint-safe method)
  • Wheels, barrels, callipers, and undercarriage arch lining and suspension components jet down.
  • Safely hand dried via super plush gentle microfibre towel
  • Iron fallout + Tar removal
  • Clay bar treatment to remove tar spots and paint contamination.
  • Door jams, shut lines, fuel filler cap cleaned
  • Full Stage 1,2, or 3 Machine Polish using Rupes machines + cutting compound to remove swirls & scratches to enhance clarity and gloss.
  • 12 Months Durability Wax Applied to all Painted surfaces
  • Tyres dressed
  • Tailpipes & Metals Fully restored
  • Windows treated with rain repellent to aid visibility
  • Plastic Trim restored and treated.
  • Alloys wheel sealant applied for – 12-month protection

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The Pre Process

Paint Correction

Picture the painted surface of your car as a smooth, mirror-like plane. Over time, dust, dirt, and other contaminants build up on that smooth surface. Unfortunately, the process of washing this dirt and dust away causes the fine particles to act like sandpaper, scratching and digging grooves into the once smooth, clear coat surface. As these fine scratches build-up, the surface becomes dull and hazed. Paint correction is the use of specialized machines and polishing agents to slowly remove microscopic layers of clear coat to make once again the surface smooth and mirror-like.

A buffing or polishing machine is a handheld machine with a motorized spinning head. Foam or fiber pads are placed on the head and used to spread wax or polish agents onto the painted surface.
Think of wax as makeup for your car. Though it is often applied with a buffing or polishing machine, it is simply a coating that fills in the scratches – making them harder to see. Over time the wax is worn and washed away, once again revealing the underlying scratches. In terms of paint correction, wax is purely cosmetic. It will make your car look good for a short time but does nothing to remove the underlying scratches.

Removing the scratches requires the slow removal of microscopic layers of the clear coat, too, once again, level out the surface. Compounding agents or leveling agents are specifically formulated liquids that, when added to the rotating pad of the buffing or polishing machine, act as highly fine-grit sandpaper to shave down the clear coat surface slowly.

Once the compounding agents have done the heavy lifting, a polish is then used to remove any final haze and add to the depth and clarity of the finished surface. Think of polish as even finer grit sandpaper used to fine-tune the newly leveled surface, revealing a beautiful, highly polished surface.

Paint Protection

Once the painted surface is perfected, it is now ready for a protective layer. Protection comes in the form of waxes and paints sealants. Waxes and sealants are applied in the same way but offer different types of protection. Both will protect the painted surface from acid rain, fallout, bird droppings, and tree sap. A paint sealant is a synthetic polymer that will provide a high gloss finish yet will last much longer than a wax-up to a year in some cases. Once the point that though waxes wouldn’t last as long, they would provide a higher gloss and deeper shine. However, paint sealants have come a long way in the last few years – almost making waxes obsolete. Today’s paint sealants have a higher melting point than wax, allowing them to last longer in extreme elements while still providing the depth and shine provided by wax. Polishes can also be applied over a paint sealant – further protecting the hard work that went into your car.

Taking the sealant process one step further, we enter into the world of polymer coatings. Polymer coatings chemically bond to factory clear coats to provide a permanent protective layer. Here at Edinburgh Car Services Edinburgh, we specialize in a specific protective coating, Opti-Coat PRO by OPTIMUM Products. Opti-Coat PRO is a ceramic coating that is approximately 100 times thicker than typical wax and sealant products. Opti-Coat PRO is a permanent coating that will protect the factory’s clear coat from harsh chemicals and environmental fallout and provide increased scratch resistance, easy maintenance, and permanent gloss. OPTIMUM Products is so sure about the durability of this coating that it comes with a five-year warranty.

We can now see that the act of buffing is not synonymous with Polishing, compounding, or waxing. Buffing is a generalized term for making a surface smooth and shiny. Compounding and Polishing are similar in that they fall under the paint correction umbrella yet vary in the surface they remove. Waxing, sealing, and coating are identical in that they all offer protection for the recently corrected surface.

Each of these processes requires special tools and many years of experience to perfect & ECS has these special tools to fit your detailing needs. Paint correction should always be preceded by a thorough washing and clay bar surface preparation to remove any surface contaminants. Any contaminants left on the surface can be picked up by the buffing agents and act like sandpaper – efficiently ruining a good deal of hard work.


All car work is carried out by experienced fully qualified and insured technicians. Most car parts carry a minimum guarantee of 12 months or 12,000 miles (excludes normal wear and tear). Getting your Car repaired at ECS is simple, book an online appointment, confirm your services, and get your car done.

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